Tierra Del Fuego, South America

Usha Biswal Rout

25, Oct 2016 @ 12:14 AM
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Country: United States

Abour Tierra Del Fuego: It was formerly the name given to the lands south of the Straits of Magellan. About two-thirds of the island group belongs to Chilie and the rest to Argentina. It was Ferdinand Magellan who shile sailing around the tip of  South America in 1520 observed many fires lit by Indians along the coast.

Attractions of Tierra Del Fuego, South America. image from:traveltips.usa
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He called the land the land Tierra Del Fuego or 'Land of Fire'. The total land area of these islands is 28,473 square miles.

How to reach at Tierra Del Fuego: You can reach here by train or by vehicle.

Things to do in Tierra Del Fuego: Here half-day tour from Ushuaia gives you full entertainment
->You can explore Tierra del Fuego either by train or your own/rented vehicle.
->Enjoy world's most attractive and breathtaking Patagonian scenery.
->Also you can enjoy here with complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off.

Best time to visit: Very suitable time is between late October and early April

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