Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, U.S.

Usha Biswal Rout

11, Oct 2016 @ 06:47 PM
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Country: United States

About Golden Gate Bridge: The Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, U.S. It was designed by Joseph Strauss. It had the longest span in the World from its completion in 1937 until Verrazano Narrows Bridge was built in New York City in 1964. Them main span is 4200 feet (1280 meters) long, is suspended from two heavy cables hung from towers 227 meters high, at the midpoint the bridge is 81 meters above mean high water.

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The famous Golden Gate Bridge is at its most enchanting in the morning when it is often covered in mist. It is also very attractive and alluring at night when the lighting makes it seem as if the spires of towers disolve in the darkness.

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Best time to visit:  in the morning time before sunrise and also in Night time.

Ticket Price: It depends on toll price to cross the Bridge.

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