Visit Panjim City, Goa

Usha Biswal Rout

26, Jan 2014 @ 08:36 PM
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visit in goa panaji, panjim
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bout Panjim City :
Panjim is the capital of Indian State Goa. Local version of Panjim is Panaji. In Goa Panjim is the main political, educational and cultural centre. You can see old colonial buildings (red tiled roofs, hanging balconies, rooster on the perch of the roof) along with new modern buildings in Goa. There are so many top attractions, Travel Activities to do in panjim such as Dona Paula Beach, Canlangute beach, Miramar beach, The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, administrative buildings, Adil Shah's Palace, Goa Kala Academy, Archaeological Museum, Science museum and the Mandovi river. It is a busy and crowded city. For more information and bookings from travel experts within your budgets.
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