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22, Nov 2015 @ 12:15 AM
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 Lahaul & Spiti / Keylong  : The Keylong is situated at the height of 3440 meters in the heart of Lahaul, on the Manali Leh road, Himachal. Bhaga river is present under Keylong, the district headquarters of Lahaul & Spiti has been described as Oasis of green field. It is the only the regular bazaar of Keylong. This is the most populated and busy village having more than 260 houses with a population of around 1900.

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The Khardong Monastery is 4.2 kilometers from Keylong contains barrel like prayer drums, paintings, ancient weapons, musical instruments and life size statue of lord Buddha. In the radius of few kilometers three Monasteries are present. Tayul, Khardong and Shashur.Keylong is located in the fertile valley of Bhaga which is the headquarter of Lahaul sub-district.

Near Keylong, Himachal Himachal, Tandi region: Tandi is situated at the altitude of 2573 meters at the junction of the Bhaga and Chandra river, Tandi is just about 8 kilometers short of Keylong. It is believed that this place was founded by King Rana Chand under the name of Chandi which over the years got changed in Tandi. 

Himachal, Udaipur region: Udaipur is Situated in upper Lahaul and 60 kilometers from Keylong in the Pattan valley, Udaipur is the starting point for a number of exciting treks to Chamba ,Kishtwar and Padam. Udaipur has a rest house and camping sites. Earlier it was known as Margul. Margul was renamed as Udaipur at the time of Raja Udai Singh of Chamba 1690-1728. Here apples, walnuts, apricots etc. are grown. 

Himachal, Surajtal Lake : One of the high altitude lakes in this area, Surajtal is 65 km from Keylong. This emerald like lake is the source of the river Bhaga.Below the summit of the Baralacha Pass in the Lahaul division of district Lahaul and Spiti. The Baralacha la connects Manali and Lahaul to Ladakh and the lake which attracts many number of visitors – to visit this place in summer.

Traveler Guide/information about Keylong State: Himachal Pradesh

Distt: Lahaul & Spiti Destination: Keylong

Weather: Very very cold during winter and difficult to approach, temperature drops well below even -20 degrees, cold during summer. Rainfall is almost zero and Heavy Woolens both in Summer Winter.

Best time to visit: June to Late October.

Travel By Train: Due to of height and difficult terrain railway is not possible. However, the only option to reach nearest railway point that is Shimla.

Travel By Air: Nearest Airport is Bhunter which is near Kullu from Manali side and Jabbar Airport near Shimla. Travel By Road: Accessible by road from Manali around 120 km on the Manali Leh road, also linked by National Highway No (NH). 22 via Shimla. Buses, and Taxis available from Manali and Shimla very easly. For more travel information and Booking Visit in India.

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