Cansaulim Beach In Goa

Usha Biswal Rout

31, May 2013 @ 12:28 AM
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bout Cansaulim Beach :
Arossim, Cuelim and Cansaulim beach consortium form a horrific stretch of beaches which is considered as India’s second longest beach. The famous Cansaulim beach situated near about 16 Kms from Margao, Goa. It is a vast stretch of pristine beach which is mostly blockade, however well served by the local restaurants and shacks which provides relaxing to all tourists. The cluster of trees along the coast provide a perpetual green cover which is a suspension in activity for those who had enough of the sunshine. Tourist can see One can also see the beautiful Railway station named as Cansaulim situated nearby this beach. Trere are a number of hotels and restaurants present in Cansaulim so some good tasty dishes and drinks are easily available for any traveler How to Reach at Cansaulim Beach Cansaulim Beach is Situated near the Cansaulim railway station. Travelers can easily reach at this point by train.
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