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Usha Biswal Rout

10, Oct 2015 @ 01:44 AM
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The Ajanta Caves are near the village Ajanta in Maharashtra, India. There are many historical places to visit here like the first Buddhist cave monuments at Ajanta from 2nd and 1st BC. These caves were discovered early in the 19th century by British Officers on a party. There are 3o caves present at the site of Ajanta. Cave number 9,10, 19, 26 and 29 are sanctuaries and rest of are as monasteries. The paintings in the caves depict the life of Lord Buddha. Several types of human and animal figures are also found on the wall of caves. The Caves have been designated as World Heritage Site. This article provides you the complete information about Ajanta Caves like Best time to visit, Attractions, how to reach, entry fee and timings of Ajanta Caves for tourist.

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Best Attractions of Ajanta Caves : are paintings in the caves shows the life of Lord Buddha and animal figures, they provide a complete information of life in ancient India and are a source of all kinds of information about people, animals present in between 2nd to 1st BC, also you can find the living styles, hair styles, textiles, ornaments, musical instruments architecture used in that time.

Other Places near Ajanta Caves : Ellora caves, Historical Monuments, Buddhist Monks, Maharashtra natural attractions.

How to Reach at Ajanta Caves : By Air: Aurangabad is the nearest Air point for Ajanta. Indian airlines are well connected from New Delhi(IGI) and Mumbai international airports.
By Rail: Jalgaon railway station is the best and nearest rail station for Ajanta Caves.
Timings of Ajanta Caves: 9.00AM to 17.30PM (IST) and remain closed on Monday. In Saturday it will open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Entry fee:
1. FREE of Charge for bellow 15 years Indian citizens
2. Rs. 10/- per head for above 15 years old Indian Citizens
3. Us Dollar 5/- per head for above 15 years old Foreigners
4. Rs.5 for Photo Camera.

The best time to visit Ajanta caves : is between the months of June and March. Monsoon (June to September) and winter (November to February) seasons are the best time to visit Ajanta Caves.

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