5 major hidden truths about Khajuraho Temple

Usha Biswal Rout

14, Dec 2016 @ 12:22 AM
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1. When it comes to the notion of tourism, the famous temple of Khajuraho comes first in our mind. This temple famous in the World because of its   miraculous sculptures which reflects old and amazing Kamkla.

Khajuraho sculptures
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philosophical sculptures of  khajuraho

2. The questions arise about Khajuraho that why such sculptures carved on the external walls, which formed two things that lead to two opposite directions first one is spirituality and same time it provides very attractive sense of freedom and enjoyment of sexuality.


3. Why we think that some of the temples like Khajuraho and its contemporary sculptures have been built on the walls of temple and what are the philosophical approaches.khajurahoo_attractions

4. Khajuraho temples makes sense in our mind that the world is full of love, enjoyment, freedom of desire, Spirituality and relation between God and salvation.


5.In Hindu mithology Lord Shiva is considered as the Father of Love and Mithuni Creation. So the old Shiva temple is decorated with naked statues.


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