Top 10 Safety tips for Holi Festival

Usha Biswal Rout

13, Feb 2016 @ 12:27 PM
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As we all know that Holi is the festival of colors and sharing love with each other. It is one of the most popular Hindu festival in India, but other non-Hindus and foreigners also celebrate this Colorful festival. This articles contains what should be the top 10 safety tips for Holi Celebrations for you and your children and your neighbors before playing Holi Festival. What are the do's and don'ts and What careful steps should be taken before Holi Celebrations.

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Safety Tips for Holi : Top 10 Safety Tips for making your Holi safe and more colorful festival as follows.
1. Holi festival is celebrated for increase love with each other, so don't let others to be rude on you because the main slogan is 'Bura na mano Holi hai'.

2. Play Holi with home made natural colors only which don't harm your skin and hair. if natural colors are not possible for you, then buy a better quality of colors from a reputed shop.

3. Make sure that your face should well creamed and oil your hair and wear cotton clothes before play with colors.

4. Specially for females, apply thick coating of paint on their nails both in fingers and toes for protection.

5. Protect your eyes from colorful powders by using sunglasses.

6. Use dental caps to save your teeth from any unwanted stains.

7. Try to save yourself from all possible attacks on the face. Keep your eyes and lips tightly shut during colored attacked on your face.

8. Make sure that you have stored lot of water during and before Holi Celebrations. Don't use soap in the same day, which will dry up your skin.

9. Take a final bath after the entire Holi celebration is over. Don't take frequent baths, washing the face again and again, will ruin your skin.

10. Don't take alcohol during playing color. Don't drive if you are high on Bhang or alcohol.

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