Garba Dance in Gujarat, India

Usha Biswal Rout

15, Oct 2015 @ 06:16 PM
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Garba dance is the main highlight of nine night Navaratri festival in the India travel spot, Gujarat. This article defines that what exactly is Garba? and when it is celebrates and what are the main attractions of Garba Dance. Gujarati Garba is a special form of dance is known as circular form in which involves clapping and whirling around what is usually an idol of the Mother Goddess in the center with cultural music and singing.

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Dandiya is a form that involves the dance with sticks, in which dancers beat in rhythm. All participants dressing up in colorful Gujarati traditional outfits is a must, specially for females who put a huge amount of effort for planning a different costumes for each night of the Garba festival.

Garba dance happens at night time in villages and neighborhoods of whole Gujarat during Navaratri. This year Garba continues from 13-October-2015 to 22-October-2015. Vododara is the best place to experience Garba in Gujarat, where two famous garba events happens and all Bollywood Celebrities also join here. There are many types of garba happens here like united garba(around 30000 people join here, Maa Shakti garba is the largest garba in Vadodara.,

Attractions of Garba : Circular form of dancing with clapping and sticks and cultural music and singing. Raas is a form of dance style in Gujarati garba where people utilize their hands and sticks to for dance performance, which is called as dandiyas.
Best time : Whole night during Navaratri festival.

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