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Usha Biswal Rout

26, Aug 2014 @ 12:40 AM
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Why Visit to India Travel Spots : The phenomenal combination of wonderful sights, unique culture, adventure and full time holiday entertainment is something which is normally a traveler's demand. All these attributes remind of a very special country India which offers a complete tour package and beautiful sightseeing of "India travel Spots". Following article helps you to what is India, travel precautions India for foreigners, Best time to visit India, Where to visit in India, How to visit India and complete travel guide of India.

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Every corner is embedded with natural delicacy and dazzling sightseeing, which makes it a must visit place. India not only has a valiant past but also showcases a charismatic presence. Travel to this country is always rewarding with awe-inspiring places to see, adventures to do and lots of festivals and events to enjoy. India is a land where amusement exists in versatile form of festivals, culinary fashion, varied tradition in different states, language, attire and most important the tourists' spots like south India travel spots, North India travel spots.

With the help of a travel guide, travelers can take pleasure of family tour or a romantic honey moon trip as the nation holds unique travel spots for couples. Some of the most pleasant destinations in India are Kashmir, Agra, Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Puri, Gujarat and more. Most commonly celebrated events that reveal various shades of India include Holi, Diwali, Id-Ul-Fitr, Janmashtami, Christmas and Lohri.

Apart from this, India shines high when it comes to mouth-watering cuisine in different parts of the nation. Visit to any individual state offers its own specialty in cooking weather it’s Dhokla of Gujarat, Dosa of South India or Pao-Bhaaji of Mumbai. Visit to India is very special for a traveler because it has full of composite and dynamic culture that attracts every tourists from all over the World.

Visit in India Portal provides the necessary India tour and travel information for the various India destinations you would like to explore in the magical land of India. There is diversity in India which allows travelers to enjoy their vacation during this time they can go for adventurous activities as well as the cultural and spiritual trip both at the same time. Also the climatic of India varies from north to south gives an add-on to exotic tour experience in India. Hill Stations, Cool Beaches, Temples, Indian festivals act as the add on to beautiful Trips to Incredible India. India is one of most popular country in World because it is considered as the state of sovereignty, secular, fraternity, republic and democratic country where people can celebrate their own culture and festivals according to their own wish. 

  Best time to visit India : Best time to capture the beauty of "India travel spots" is to travel between October to March which is favorable for various places to see. 

  How to reach India : India is easily connected by different modes of transportation. Travelers can choose to travel by train, road or air as per their convenience. Travelers overseas can find the best flights to Mumbai or Delhi in India.

What are travel precautions in India for foreigners ? Following 10 most important points you should keep in your mind when you travel in India.

1. While you exploring India you have proper idea about those places where you want to go. Specially for foreigners should be practiced to avoid any mishaps.

2. Careful about eating and drinking, don't drink unpacked water and avoid roadside foods. It is strongly recommended that you have vaccinated to prevalent ailments like malaria and hepatitis before you plan a trip to India. 

3. It is necessary to travel with proper travel guides and experienced cab drivers.  Specially for foreigners(Women tourists) visiting in India should be careful about dressing up to avoid problems.

4. Wear long and full clothes Indian clothes like long kurties for women in India.

5. Don't criticize Indians during visit in India, because Indians have a big ego problems they always give respect to others and expect same from others.

6. Always Change with the place change in India. India is very diverse country, All places from north to south and east to west are very different like its living styles, wearings, eating are different from each other.

7. Get Familiar with the local Language, living styles and learn basic Hindi phrases. Ex:- if you want to purchase some thing then must ask the price('kitna paisa hua') before pay. or if you want to go some where then must ask 'ye raastha kahan jaata hai'(where this way goes).

8.Enjoy every places in India. The climate of India is also very diverse(as its cool in north India, hot in west India, humidity at central India and moderate in south India).

9. India is a huge country and full of Temples so you must try to visit all types of temples if possible.

10. If you are in Metro City of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. then you must choose metro as major transportation skipping Traffic jams and your securities.

11. Take you own time and space during travel in India.

How Many Days are Enough for Visit in India : As all we know that India is a vast country and there are many things to do, famous places to see, temples, historical monuments, hill stations,enjoy cultural events and festivals. If you plan a trip to India minimum one to two weeks for exploring major travel spots of India and more days are better. Interior areas are more interesting to visit, as you know that transport facilities in that areas of India still not so good that's why you have more time to enjoy and make your trip memorable. If you make a holiday plan to India on an average 3 weeks duration should be very good for explore India.

Top 10 Things to Do in India : 1.You shouldn’t miss the World's greatest heritage 'Taj Mahal' in your tour.

2. You should visit the South Asia's oldest temple city Madurai.

3. If you like to visit sea beach, Bagha beach of Goa is a must, where you can drink, eat and enjoy your holiday.

4. If you're travel plan is around in winter time then you should visit Gangtok for frozen lake, and travel up to the China Border too.

5. India is famous for its festivals, you should join all festivals during your holiday in India.

6. Must Visit the city of victory “"Vijayanagar" better known as "Hampi" is worth to visit.

7. You also can enjoy boating on the backwaters of Kerala and Elephant ride during your tour to India. Kerala is the most attractive travel spot in India.

8. Also you can visit Mamallapuram village for fishing and stone carving.

9. Jaipur is the world famous tourist spot for Camel trekking, you should plan you tour to Rajasthan during Jaisalmer camel festival in Rajasthan. It is one of the Great experience for joining Indian Desert festival

10. You should visit famous Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab during your tour to India.

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