Daman and Diu Travel Guide

Usha Biswal Rout

15, Aug 2015 @ 05:45 PM
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Daman and Diu Travel Guide : The exotic India travel spots of Daman and Diu serves the best environ for a spectacular holiday treat. This India travel spot is extremely fantastic and is out of the box choice for travelers. Travel to this Indian union territory can be an everlasting experience for a honey moon trip as it holds many brilliant places for couples. Additionally, there are several spots that expose many adventures to do for visitors along with enough stunning sights for them.

Daman Diu Beach Travel
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Visit to this wondrous travel spot can never be disappointing for a freaking holiday week or a month tour. Daman and Diu give way to two tourist destinations available in combination with totally striking vista all around. Plethora of amazing places to see makes this place special for a perfect outing. The territory is loaded with beaches which provide an unexceptional view of seashore during sunrise or sunset.

The travel spots include Ghogla Beach, Gangeshwar Temple, Nani Daman, Cathedral of Bom Jesu, St. Paul’s Church, St. Jerome Fort, Zampa Gateway, Devka Beach, Diu Museum, Diu Fort and lot more. Counted amongst the top tourist destinations Daman and Diu constitutes everything which is essential for a complete tour package.

Some of the adventures to do for travelers include parakiting, parasailing, shopping, dining and more with vibrant nightlife. Other than this, tourists can also be a part of various local events and attend books exhibitions. For more fun and refreshment there is no dearth of water parks and gardens at Daman and Diu.

Best Time to Visit Daman and Diu : The best part of the year to witness the divinity of Daman and Diu as per the travel guide is especially from October to April. Visit in this period reveals the true glory of this place and adds a refreshing flavor to explorers.

How to Reach Daman and Diu : Though this India travel spot can be reached by road, train or air but the most convenient of all is to travel by air. No direct flights are available to Diu from overseas, so first fly to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai or the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and continue to Diu from there.

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