When Urs Festival in India

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

31, May 2016 @ 12:49 AM
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About Festival: Urs festival is the upcoming fairs and festivals Rajasthan is going to celebrate in the month of June. It’s a six days famous festivals of Rajasthan which celebrates the death anniversary of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti in Rajasthan. According to festival calendar Rajasthan the fest is organized in the Ajmer city of Rajasthan every year. The much awaited Urs Festival is thoroughly cheered by the pilgrims throughout India who visit Ajmer especially on this occasion.

Urs Festival in Rajasthan, Top festivals of Rajasthan
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Top attractions: Urs festival revolves around the Muslim majority of the country which continues for six days. Pilgrims throughout the country visit Rajasthan to offer prayers in the memory of Sufi saint. Everyone around is immersed in the festive aura which dazzles throughout night. Qawwalis, poems and prayers offered at dargah are the major attraction during this cultural festivals Rajasthan. Other than this the Urs festivals of Rajasthan in June is the main fete of Muslims around the country in Ajmer.

How it is celebrated: Urs festival is amongst the popular festivals of Rajasthan which is included in the Rajasthan festival list as one of the largest Muslims fair in India. The celebration begins with the hoisting of the white flag on the tomb by the Sajdanashin of the Chishtia order. After the fest begins the tomb is anointed by rosewater the other days. Urs cultural festivals Rajasthan entertains thousands of devotees who travel to Ajmer during this fest.

What people do: Indian festivals are the replica of natural ecstasy and unity all over the region and amongst people. During the six days of festival devotees are engaged in traditional activities. For tourists this Urs famous festivals of Rajasthan is a pleasant opportunity to explore the tremendous aura of Rajasthan. People prepare special dishes as part of the celebration which are not only enticing but also unique. So, to take complete pleasure of the Urs festival this June at Rajasthan.

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