When Nagaur Festival Celebrated, Rajastan

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

29, Jun 2016 @ 12:57 AM
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Start Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017                     End Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2017
Venue: Nagaur Rajasthan, India
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About Festival: Nagaur festival falls in the month of February which is included in the list of upcoming fairs and festivals Rajasthan. Amongst the many cultural festivals Rajasthan celebrates Nagaur festival with utmost pride and fervor. It is an eight day festivals of Rajasthan in February every year. The fair is organized in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan where people gather to relish the festivity environs.

Nagaur Festival Celebration 2017
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Top attractions: When it comes to the major attention-grabbing features of this famous festivals of Rajasthan, Nagaur festival there are lots of things that come into notice. Firstly, the presence of cattle in abundance is the prime attraction which are found scattered everywhere. The sight in itself is worth-admiring by thousands of tourists along with local people. Nagaur festival is one of the most remarkable Indian festivals that represents a distinct shade of traditional India through its celebration which involves special activities.

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How it is celebrated: After knowing much about the popular festivals of Rajasthan here we explain you the way it is celebrated. The festivity continues for about eight days. It is famous as the largest cattle fair in India. The event is mainly organized for the purpose of trading of cattle, camels, horses and others. Tourists from abroad visit Rajasthan to capture the main events of this festival like camel races, tug of war, cock fights in famous festivals of Rajasthan.

What people do in this festival: There are plethora of amazing things included in Rajasthan festival list to do for every individual tourist. Weather you visit alone or come in group, you’ll never be disappointed. In this famous festivals of Rajasthan tourists can admire the distinctive "Mirchi Bazaar", the various interesting activities and performances comprising music, songs in the festive setting. In addition to this, tourists can take view of the local wooden products, leather items, iron crafts and other things. The tentative dates for Nagaur festival calendar Rajasthan 2017 are likely to be 13th February to 16th February.

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