Top 10 Festivals of Kerala

Usha Biswal Rout

03, Jan 2017 @ 12:47 AM
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Venue: Kerala, India
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Kerala top 10 Festivals :

God’s Own Country Kerala is the hub of numerous 'India travel spots' which deliver breathtaking vista throughout. India Travel spot Kerala is also the center of various traditional south Indian upcoming festivals. Top 10 festivals of Kerala.

Thrissur Pooram Festival Kerala
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Onam Festival:

Onam is the biggest and the National festival in Kerala that lasts for four days beginning on the Onam Eve. Onam is celebrated generally during the months of August or September. On this day the pristine culture of Kerala comes to the exposure of people all around the globe.

Vishu Festival:

Another famous festival in Kerala is Vishu which normally falls during the month of April and is considered good for a new start of anything. The major highlights of this fest are Vishu Sadhya, Kainettam and lots of shopping.

Christmas Festival :

The extremely grand occasion of Christmas brings in lots of joy and happiness in Kerala when the environs is equipped with gleaming decoration. The celebration starts a week before the Christmas Eve and people go for shopping and organize feast parties on this day.

New Year Eve :

New Year Eve is celebrated every year on Decemeber 31st just before the next day to bid farewell to present year and welcome a new year. The festivity involves lighting of Papanai at the midnight and further people rejoice by dancing, singing and eating throughout the night.

Cheriya Perunal Festival :

A famous Muslim festival Eid Al Fithur is popular as Cheriya Perunal in Kerala which is mostly a declared public holiday. In the morning Muslims offer their prayers in group and after this special feast are organized at homes and many other places.

Thrissur Pooram Festival :

One of the most renowned temple festivals in Kerala is Thrissur Pooram which usually occurs during the last week of April or by mid of May. On this day temples are elegantly decorated and parade of around 30 to 50 decked elephants is carried out with many musicians.

Navarathiri :

Navarathiri is another famous festival in Kerala celebrated in September or October. People in Kerala worship Goddess Saraswathi. On this occasion a parade is held in which Royal Idols of Goddess are transported to Ramanar Palace for nine nights.

Thiruvathira Festival :

Thiruvathira is basically a festival for women when ladies worship Lord Shiva and earn his blessing in the form of martial art. A popular dance of Thiruvathirakkali is also performed by females on this day.

Theyyam Festival :

Theyyam is a popular dance festival especially in north Kerala which is celebrated to highlight the dance art form. People in north Kerala worship Mother Goddess. This festival starts from October-November and lasts till May-June.

Mandala Pooja :

Mandala Pooja is a complete 41 days festive season which begins on November or December and continues till January. Devotees visit pilgrimage of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala during this 41 days festival and indulge in Mandala Pooja.

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