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Venue: Arunachal Pradesh, India
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India travel spot Arunachal Pradesh encompasses many glistening upcoming festivals which are celebrated with great joy and show. Like other India travel spots, this state is fabulous for tourists from every point of view. Festivals and 'Events of Arunachal Pradesh', Top 10 festivals of Arunachal Pradesh.

Top 10 festivals of Arunachal Pradesh
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Losar Festival in Arunachal Pradesh

Losar festival in Arunachal Pradesh is the most celebrated event as it is the New Year celebration which lasts for about eight to fifteen days. The festival falls during the end of February or the starting of March. People clean their houses in order to welcome the New Year and also visit relatives.

Dree Festival in Arunachal Pradesh

Celebrated in the year of July every year Dree Festival is especially related to cultivation of rice in the state. The fest involves sacrifice of eggs, fowls and other animals to God which is basically done to avoid famine. Worship of Gods Tamu, Metii, Danyi and Harniang is done by the people during the fest.

Solung Festival in Arunachal Pradesh

Solung festival is celebrated during the month of July or August by the Adi community in the state which is generally related to agricultural activities. As part of the celebration rice-beer or ‘Apong’ is prepared by people.

Reh Festival in Arunachal Pradesh

Rejoiced during monsoon and summer season in some part of state, Reh festival is celebrated during the month of February. A special ceremony of performing Ada is organized by people to celebrate this day which involves collection of pigs, money and cash.

Music and Dance in Arunachal Pradesh

Music and dance is the most cheerful event in state during which people get involved in all sort dance performances including stunning dance form chaams. The celebration is a way of expressing fun and joy and is also done as an offering to God.

Buddha Mahotsava in Arunachal Pradesh

Buddha Mahotsava in Arunachal Pradesh is a festival which highlights the ideals of Buddhism throughout the state. The festivity involves various traditional dances, musical shows, religious procession, food festival, exhibitions and other cultural activities as part of the event.

Siang River festival in Arunachal Pradesh

Siang River Festival also popular as Brahmaputra Darshan Festival earlier, is celebrated in the honor of Siang River which is considered as the symbol of integrity and communal harmony. Traditional songs and dance by different tribes, traditional games like boat race, elephant race and handloom and handicrafts exhibitions are major part of this festival.

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