Theyyam Festival, Kerala

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

31, Jul 2016 @ 12:13 AM
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Start Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017                     End Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017
Venue: Kerala, South India
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About Festival: Land of immaculate natural surrounding and pristine water bodies Kerala is a blessing of God on Earth in India. It delivers some of the best known attributes in the form of various Indian festivals and holiday spots. Theyyam festival is one of the popular festivals of Kerala which is celebrated in a full-fledged manner in the state. This fest is usually held between the months from December to April according to the festival calendar Kerala.

Theyyam Festival 2017-2018
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Top attractions: Embellishing the range of upcoming fairs and festivals Kerala, Theyyam festival is held every year in Kerala. Some of the most interesting elements add an everlasting charm to the overall celebration. The main attraction of this cultural festivals Kerala include plethora of cultural dance performances in an exceptional way. Other than this, the attention-grabbing attires, the vibrant ambience are special part of this festival.

How it is celebrated: Theyyam festival is the famous festivals of Kerala which is celebrated with huge pomp and show. The chief part of the fest includes the presentation of 400 types of cultural dances that are performed in a distinct way by people bedecked as deities. Program becomes more interesting to the beholders when these idols of Gods enact the mythological stories through dance. Moreover, the artist carries on the program which involves three stages. In the first stage, dancers adorns themselves with flowers, masks and colors. The second stage includes the self-torture and finally the last stage of this cultural festivals Kerala concludes with dancing on the rhythm.

What people do: The cool and pleasant weather during the festivals of Kerala in December is like an icing on the cake. Tourists can visit Kerala during Theyyam festival and can make most of the available holidays. A seminal part of Kerala festival list Theyyam festival bestows huge amount of fun and pleasure on its guests arriving from far off regions.

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