Teej in Rajasthan

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

26, Oct 2016 @ 12:35 AM
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Start Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017                     End Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017
Venue: Rajasthan, India
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About Festival: India is a country which is famous worldwide for its splendid Indian festivals for many interesting reasons. Especially famous festivals of Rajasthan are prominently popular throughout the nation amongst which Teej is the distinct one. It falls usually in the month of August on the third day of Shukla Paksha as per the festival calendar Rajasthan. It is basically a festival of females that revolves around the worship of Goddess Parvati by women for marital harmony.

Teej in Rajasthan, When Teej in 2017
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Top attractions : Teej festival is famous in almost every state of Rajasthan but it’s a pleasure to admire its celebration in Jaipur which is exclusive. Some of the main attraction of this cultural festivals Rajasthan comprise the preparation of sweet dishes like Ghewar and Malpua by women. The cultural flavor of Rajasthan is showcased through various stalls which is another impressive attraction. Apart from this, various traditional Rajasthani dresses, handicrafts and other souvenirs are capturing features of Teej popular festivals of Rajasthan.

How it is celebrated : Women are full of enthusiasm to celebrate the upcoming fairs and festivals Rajasthan Teej festival. The fest begins with the grand procession of decorated idol of goddess Parvati carried by thousands of devotees. Elephants, camels and dance groups along with folk performances by artists is a part of procession. Teej is a festivals of Rajasthan in August women and unmarried girls keep fast for their husband and marital peace.

What people do: Travelers not only from India but different corners of the world visit Rajasthan to celebrate the adorable Teej festival. There are lots of things that people do on this occasion which is included in Rajasthan festival list. Some major activities include shopping, dancing, singing, cooking delectable items, palm decoration with mehndi and much more. Number of decorated swings are hung on trees in many places which are enjoyed by children, women and girls. Additionally, women clad themselves in their best of attires and keep the fast for whole day.

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