Rakhi in Himachal Pradesh, North India

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

05, Nov 2016 @ 12:32 AM
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Start Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2017                     End Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2017
Venue: Himachal Pradesh, North India
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About Festival: India is a land of culture and festival which are celebrated throughout the year with great pomp and show. Amongst the entire range of Indian festivals Rakhi is the most popular festivals of Himachal Pradesh. Famous as 'Rakhri' throughout the Himachal Pradesh the fest is held on full moon of Shravan month as per the festival calendar Himachal Pradesh. In Shimla district the fest is known as Rakhpunya by the local residents which is held during August or September month every year.

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Top attractions: The upcoming fairs and festivals Himachal Pradesh Rakhi is the fest of Hindu, where brothers and sisters throughout the country participate. This event is known as the Rakhrunya in Mandi district. The major highlight on Rakhi festival is the worship of Goddess Bhagwati which is regarded sacred during Shravan month in Himachal Pradesh. Generally held during festivals of Himachal Pradesh in August Rakhi celebration is enjoyed in unique way.

How it is celebrated: Rakhi is the famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh which is also known as Salunnu in Sirmaur district. On this day, sisters tie threads round the wrist of her brothers and brothers give blessings, gifts, sweets and money in return. In addition to this, the thread is regarded sacred on cultural festivals Himachal Pradesh Rakhi which is a symbol of protection and duty of brothers towards their sisters. The thread remains on the wrist for a month and is removed on the Sairi festival and offered to Mother Sairi.

Sisters throughout the country pray for the long-life of their brothers and in some part of the nation sisters even keep fast. The popular festivals of Himachal Pradesh Rakhi is known by different names like Kajri Purnima, Punya Pradayak, Vish Tarak or Pap Nashak.

What people do: Rakhi is the prominent part of Himachal Pradesh festival list which is loaded with brilliant number of amazing fests. On the occasion of Rakhi or Rakhidumni often at some places family plan to get together and meet each other. Most people of various part of the state and outsiders grab this opportunity to visit Himachal Pradesh and venerate its delicacy.

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