Pushkar Fair Rajasthan, India

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15, Dec 2016 @ 12:14 AM
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Start Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2017                     End Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2017
Venue: East Rajasthan, India
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About Pushkar Fair: When is Pushkar fair 2017 is in 28 Oct 2017 and continue till ,4th November 2017. Rajasthan is the land of royalty which is reflected through its elite sculpture, architecture and also through popular festivals of Rajasthan. A number of famous festivals of Rajasthan are the replica of Rajasthan's lively culture and custom that is followed by its people. Amongst many cultural festivals Rajasthan celebrates Pushkar Fair as the most popular one. Pushkar Mela is the five-day long camel and livestock fair held at Pushkar town of Rajasthan every year.

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The list of upcoming fairs and festivals Rajasthan showcases the duration of various vibrant festivals celebrated during different months. As per the Rajasthan festival list the Pushkar Fair is categorized under the festivals of Rajasthan in November. According to the Hindu festival calendar Rajasthan Pushkar Fair is held every year at the time of Kartik Purnima known as the full moon.

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Top attractions: The major attractions of Pushkar Fair comprise the very special competitions such as "matka phod", "bridal competition", "longest moustache" and more. Apart from this, people celebrate this event at Pushkar as the major hub of camel trading, camel auction and buying and selling of livestock too. Indian festivals are famous worldwide for unique style and custom which not only impresses the tourists from abroad but also inspires them to visit Rajasthan. Pushkar Fair is one amongst famous festivals of Rajasthan in India that wins the attention of many tourists throughout the globe.

How it is celebrated : Some of the interesting features of this festival are camel race, exhibitions and vividly organized competitions and various other inspiring tours. People visit Pushkar to not only celebrate the festivals of Rajasthan in November but also to catch the glimpse of sacred Pushkar Lake and enjoy a dip in the holy water. In the name of relishing popular festivals of Rajasthan tourists visit Rajasthan also to admire the one and only temple of Lord Brahma on Earth.

Camp Bliss at Pushkar runs from 28-October 2017 to 4-November 2017, and offers you luxury camping and experience the beautiful and traditional aspects of Pushkar Fair, one of most awaiting and spectacular events of Rajasthan. The Pushkar Fair official program events and fairground will run from around 28-Oct to 4-Nov 2017.

Camp Bliss will be in the Hadoti region for the authentic local mela and Kartik Purnima celebrations at Chandrabhaga Fair, near Jhalawar; here it is a chance to capture the atmosphere of the attractions of trading fairs of earlier times, and explore the wonderful place of Rajasthan.

The Pushkar Fair is also known as Pushkar Mela. Normally this festival is held between the month of October and November every year in Rajasthan India. The Pushkar is the world biggest camel fair. This Fair is one of the top attraction of Rajasthan. Thousands of foreign tourists from all over the World and Indian tourist come to see the Pushkar Camel fair in Rajasthan. There are approximately 20000 camels, horses and cattle participated in this world famous Pushkar mela every year.

Foreign tourists come across the globe to watch the heart touching colorful Camel Festival of Pushkar festival in Rajasthan. Thousands of tourist came from all over world specially from US, UK, Australia, Canada and many other countries to watch the amazing colorful Camel Carnival In Pushker, Rajasthan. Every moment of watching this fair is special and joyful for a tourist in this fair. It is an Unique and unforgettable festival in Rajasthan, India for all visitors who visit in India.

Things to do in Pushkar Fair : This festival is one of the grand priceless treat for those who wish to enjoy the vibrant cultures and traditions of Rajasthan. Travelers coming to Rajasthan for partaking in the festival get a lifetime opportunity of bagging some traditional Rajasthani hand made things such as ornaments, garments, footwear, artifacts and many more. The main attraction of Pushkar fair are Ornaments of silver and bead necklace, patchwork, printed textiles as well the famous tie and dye fabrics from Ajmer, Rajasthan. Also you can enjoy of Rajasthani dishes.

Pilgrims come from all over world to this amazing Camel Festival to take a bathe in 52 Ghats of the holy waters of Pushkar lake. These ghats have their own unique features and powers to heal all kinds of sins and diseases.

How to Reach at Pushkar Fair

Travel to Pushkar by Air : Sanganer Airport is the nearest airport (Jaipur) to Pushkar, It is near about 146 kms far from Pushkar. This airport is directly-connected to major cities of India including Delhi(IGI), Mumbai, Kolkata and many other cities.

Travel to Pushkar by Train : Ajmer railway station is the nearest railway station from Pushkar. it is located near about 11 kms from Pushkar. You can travel from New Delhi railway station to Ajmer (Jaipur).

Travel to Pushkar by Road : Pushkar is directly connected by national highways (NH) of India. The nearest bus stand of Pushkar is Marwar bus stand, which is directly linked to Indian mazor cities like New Delhi, Bikaner and Jodhpur. Ajmer bus stand is another stand wich is at a 11 kms distance from Pushkar and located at east of Pushkar.

When will Pushkar Fair 2018 celebrated: It is celebrated from Nov-15 to Nov-23.

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