Onam Festival in Kerala

Usha Biswal Rout

29, Sep 2016 @ 01:07 AM
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Start Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2017                     End Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017
Venue: Kerala, South India
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When and Why Onam Festival : When is Onam 2017 is celebrated on 4th-September-2017 for 10 days long. The harvest festival Onam is one of the most awaited festivals of Kerala is celebrated with full of joy and entertainment. It is a time for sports, festivities and ritual celebrations in Kerala.Like other states In India, festivals in the south Indian State Kerala are an integral part of the social and cultural structure of the state, and during festival time is the best time to plan one's tour plan to Kerala.

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In Kerala, every community, every religion has something to celebrate through out the year, but "Onam festival" is best festival of Kerala celebrated by all community and religion. Onam is the biggest and the "National festival in Kerala" that lasts for four days beginning on the Onam Eve.

Onam is celebrated generally during the months of August or September. On this day the pristine culture of Kerala comes to the exposure of people all around the globe. Date of Onam Festival in Kerala depending on the positioning of the stars and the moon, the festival is held at the end of August or beginning of September, less than a fortnight after the Malayalam new year in Kerala, Chingam begins.

The best time to plan a trip to Kerala is Onam festival time. The celebrations and enthusiasm of Onam festival make you to return again to Kerala and also tourist can enjoy the famous snake boat races during this time. Young men and women in the rural areas of Kerala Sing 'Onam Songs'

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