Losar Date in Himachal

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

15, Sep 2016 @ 12:48 AM
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Venue: Himachal Pradesh, India
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About Festival: Himachal Pradesh is a land of brillianLosartness which encompasses a huge amount of pacifying features. Losar is the popular festivals of Himachal Pradesh which marks the advent of New Year also known as the Tibetan New Year with the lighting of lamps. It is a 15 days celebration which commences in the middle of November or December and welcomes winter season as per the festival calendar Himachal Pradesh. Celebrated throughout the Himachal Pradesh this festival brings in lots of ecstasy around.

Losar Festival Date 2016 in Himachal
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Top attractions: Losar festival is amongst those Indian festivals which are known widely for its rich culture and various traditional practices. Some of the major top attractions of this festival include a unique kind of mask dance style. This involves all forms of disguised appearance which is an interesting thing to watch. The other highlight of Losar cultural festivals Himachal Pradesh is the Tibetan opera and cultural ceremonies that are performed at various monasteries. Another special addition to this famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh to the overall celebration includes Padamsambhava’s marriage with local Princess at Rewalser in Mandi district.

How it is celebrated: Myriad of rituals are part of Losar, the upcoming fairs and festivals Himachal Pradesh celebrates. The first day of 15 days fest is known as ‘Lama Losar’ during which religious songs are sung in the morning. During evening people gather to worship religious deity and prepare Brang-Gyas to place before God. Chham dance is the popular dance on this occasion which is admired by people who visit Himachal Pradesh on this fest.

What people do: As per the Himachal Pradesh festival list Losar is held during the last week of February which happens to be the New Year celebration. People on this day worship Deity and offer prayers in order to gain prosperity and joy for their region during winter months. Losar is the essential part of festivals of Himachal Pradesh in February which involves various mask dance also known as ‘Devil Dance’. Losar cultural festivals Himachal Pradesh is celebrated throughout the state including Tibetan colonies at Manila, Solan, Shimla, Dharamshala and Baijnath.

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