Diwali Festival in Uttar Pradesh

Usha Biswal Rout

21, Oct 2017 @ 05:47 PM
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Start Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2018                     End Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2018
Venue: Uttar Pradesh, India
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When is Diwali in 2018 is in November 7. The Hindus Festival Diwali in Uttar Pradesh is Celebrated in the month of Ashwin(October and November). The 'festival of lights' Diwali is a five-day Hindu celebration in the state which begins on Dhanteras with great pomp and show. People of UP celebrated this festival by lit diyas and decorate their house with Rangoli. Diwali festival in India marks the victory of good over evil.

Diwali 2018 Uttar Pradesh
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od over evil.

Why Diwali Festival Celebrated: According to Ramayana, 'Lord Rama' returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 rigorous years in jungles with his brother Lakshman and wife Sita, during their stay, Deity Sita was abducted by the demon Ravana(King of Sri Lanka). Lord Rama after killing this demon, returned back to his kingdom Ayodhya. The people of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh welcomed them by burning oil-lamps, great pomp and show. Since then Diwali festival is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

Attractions of Diwali Festival : In this festival at Varanasi, thousand of devotees light earthen lamps which are left over the water surface. Celebrations of Diwali are done on a grand scale with full of joy. More foreigners also come to India during this period. People clean and decorate their houses with leaves of mango and people, the rooms are decorated with colorful items and lights.The most attraction of Diwali festival is the firing of crackers at nights, artificial colorful lights. Special religious ceremonies are organized at festivals, Hindu devotes perform grand puja celebration of 'Goddess Lakshmi' whose blessings are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity for all families. The most important event of Diwali Festival is preparing special sweets and distributing them among relatives and friends. 

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