Christmas celebrations in Kerala, South India

Usha Biswal Rout

04, Jan 2017 @ 12:55 AM
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Start Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017                     End Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017
Venue: Kerala in south India
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'Gods Own Country' Kerala is the hub of ultimate tourism that imparts awesome sightseeing and traveling pleasure. This state is famous for its brilliant landscape and stunning views which makes it a perfect spot for holiday. Other than sightseeing, high festive spirit is seen in people in Kerala. Almost every festival is celebrated with great vigor. Specially, Christian's festivals in Kerala are the major highlights amongst locals and tourists as well. People from all religion show huge interest in this festival and become part of Christmas celebrations in South India travel spot Kerala.

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The enjoyment begins on 24th December which is celebrated as the Christmas Eve in Kerala just before the Christmas Day on 25th December. Parents along with their children get indulge in various home decorations, Christmas tree decorations; hang stars and wall hangings on the doors, apply lights and candles everywhere and of course delicious culinary preparations. Kerala Christmas celebrations also include midnight masses which begin late night and continue till the next morning. 

On the very next day after 24th December comes the Christmas Day when the real enjoyment begins. There are lots of things to do in Christmas Day from final shopping to decorations and other preparations. People gather at public places and take pleasure of street lights and decorations, some listen to the soft music being played around and other families visit each other for a traditional dinner party. Churches and cathedrals are the main stopovers for public as people believe in offering prayers on Christmas Day.

Other than this, presence of mesmerizing beaches and backwaters grabs the attention of many tourists which makes Kerala the best place to celebrate Christmas Day. Kerala welcomes its’ guests from around the world and provides them very peaceful ambiance to celebrate Christmas. Some of the best things for tourists for Christmas celebrations in this south Indian tourist spots is to enjoy lightening at beaches or the boat races and shopping of selective items too. Kerala is the excellent option for a memorable festival or a holiday tour in India.

As the word Christmas strikes our mind the bells ringing in the Church and the catholic rhymes smoothly hit our ears. Christmas celebrations in India is all about fun and frolic celebrated on 25th December in a festive manner.

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