Chhath Puja

Usha Biswal Rout

21, Nov 2018 @ 03:35 PM
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Start Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2019                     End Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2019
Venue: Majorly in Bihar and North parts of India
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Chhath also known as Surya Shashti is an eminent Hindu festival majorly in Bihar and other parts of India dedicated to Sun God, Surya, the god of energy. When is '2019 Chhath Puja' is in 13th November. Sun God(source of energy) worshiped to promote well-being, prosperity and progress.. Chhath puja is conducted on this day for the welfare of friends and family members. It’s a four days festival during which devotees give up water, keep fast, stand in water for long and also go for holy bathing.

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Date of Chhath Pooja 2019 :

It will be celebrated on 2nd November 2019 to 5th November 2019.

Steps of four day long Chhath Festival Celebrated as follows:

1. First Day of Chhath, November 2, 2019 is the day of bathing and eating.

2. Second Day of Chhath, November 3, 2019 is the day of fast, which ends after the 36 hour long fast after Sunset.

3. Third Day of Chhath, November 4, 2019 is the day celebrated as the evening offerings well knows as Sandhya Argh.

4. Fourth Day of Chhath,  November 5, 2019 is the day of Suryodaya Argh and breaking of the fast

2018 Chhath Date: 13-N0v-2018
Observances: Religious rituals and Prayers, Bathing in the Ganges, including pooja and Prasad and fasting
Type of holiday: Religious, Cultural

2016 Chhath puja date: It was 4th November to 7th November 2016

When was 2015 Chhat pooja: It was on 17-Nov-2015

When was 2014 Chhath puja: It was on 29th October 2014.

When was Chhath Pooja 2013

06, November 2013(Wednesday) - Naha Kha. 07, November 2013(Thrusday) - Kharna/Lohanda(fasting, ending after sunset, followed by 36 hour long fast) 08, November 2013(Friday) - Sandhya Argh(evening offerings) 09, November 2013(Saturday) - Suryodaya Argh(next morning offerings) 09, November 2013(Saturday) - Paran(breaking of the fast).

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2019 Chhath puja date, When Chhath 2019, Chhat is celebrated in 2nd Nov, 2019 in India
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