Bali Yatra Cuttack Odisha

Usha Biswal Rout

06, Dec 2018 @ 08:15 PM
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Start Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019                     End Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2019
Venue: Cuttack, Odisha
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Baliyatra 2019 Fair Cuttack Odisha : "Baliyatra" is organized in Odisha. When is Bali Yatra 2019 is from 12th November and will conclude on 22nd November, It is Largest trade fair in Orissa with more than 1500 stalls and shops from 30 districts are opened. This trade fair open for the Public for 7 to 10 days from the start of Kartika Purnima in Cuttack Orissa.

Bali Yatra Cuttack 2019
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Video of Cuttack Baliyatra(Balijatra)

cuttack balijatra

Watch the recent video of Bali Yatra of most famous festival and event of Odisha conducted in Cuttack every year.

Bali Yatra festival is held on the banks of Mahanadi river in Cuttack, to mark the day when ancient Sadhabas(ancient meriners) would set sail to distant lands of Bali, for trade and cultural expansion. It also marks the culmination of all the religious festivities held in the month of Karthik, which is considered as the most auspicious month of the 12 months in a calendar year.

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About : This Festival in Odisha marks the culmination of all the religious festivities held in the most sacred month of Karthik. It is celebrated Karthik Poornima on the full moon day in November - December in all over Odisha. Specialy in Cuttack it is well known as Bali Yatra and celebrated on the bank of river Mahanadi. This glorious festival celebrated by not only the people of Cuttack, but also from each corner of Odisha by sail small boats made out of cork, colored paper and banana barks lit by lamps placed inside them.

In Odisha huge images and idol of 'Kartikeswar' the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are built and worshiped. At night time, they are taken out with full  procession and are immersed in the Mahanadi river near the Shiva temple. The bank of Mahanadi river a big fair is held is well known as "Bali Yatra" for about 10 days. 

What to do : In this festival lakhs of People come at the fair ground for buying and selling varieties of goods. People also enjoy boating with their family members and friends in the full moonlit night. This huge market is ready with goods, commodities and appliances signifying traditional crafts to modern appliances as open market for all peoples.

Cuttack Baliyatra is the best opportunity for traders and artisans to showcase their products. The administration has kept the price of the stalls unchanged this year. This year too, we will charge Rs 22 per square feet from the traders interested in setting up stalls at the fair.

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