Baisakhi Festival - Good Bye Winters

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

02, Nov 2016 @ 11:53 PM
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Start Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2017                     End Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2017
Venue: Himachal Pradesh, North India
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About Festival: The upcoming fairs and festivals Himachal Pradesh augments the number of tourists every year that visit Himachal Pradesh. Festivals in Himachal Pradesh are the harbinger of good days to come and peaceful environ to settle here. Baisakhi Festival is one of the most prominent amongst all famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh. This festival is held every year on 13th April which is celebrated with much fun and enjoyment.

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Top attractions: Baisakhi cultural festivals Himachal Pradesh is well-known by the name Bisowa in Kangra. 2017 Baisakhi will be celebrated in 13 April. On this occasion various fairs are organized throughout the state which attract people from abroad a lot. Apart from this, the other major attraction of Indian festivals like Baisakhi are folk dance performances, wrestling, archery competitions and much more. On this day even the shy becomes gregarious and takes part in the amusement. It’s no less than an adventure to celebrate Baisakhi in Himachal Pradesh.

How it is celebrated: Popular as Bissue in Shimla hills, Baisakhi, according to the festival calendar Himachal Pradesh is a one day celebration. Preparation of fest starts much before it arrives as people indulge in activities like white-washing their houses and cleaning them up. Holy dip at Haridwar, Banganga near Kangra, Markanda near Bilaspur and Tattapani near Shimla are taken by people. On this popular festivals of Himachal Pradesh various events and contests are organized. Many fairs like Sui Mela, Rohru Jatra, Markandaya, Maha Naug and much are organized in different parts of the Himachal Pradesh. Women participate in large number in the overall jauntiness of this fiesta.

What people do: Baisakhi which is also known as Lisshoo in Pangi-Chamba is commemorated with huge pomp and show. This festival is an interesting part of Himachal Pradesh festival list which involves making of ‘Rali’ a small clay model in every house. In addition to this, people are seen performing a special ‘Mala Dance’ by connecting hands to pattern a large circle. This is extremely rejuvenating like other festivals of Himachal Pradesh in April.

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