About Navratras Celebration

By: Parkhi Aggarwal

11, Feb 2017 @ 12:46 AM
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Venue: Himachal Pradesh, North India
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About Festival: The myriad of Indian festivals is the replica of immense pleasure and full enjoyment which is reflected through various rituals. Navratras is one of the most auspicious occasion in India celebrated in different parts of the nation. Navratras is one of the popular festivals of Himachal Pradesh too which is celebrated here in a unique way. It is basically a nine days fest which normally arrives twice in a year during Chaitra and Kwar according to festival calendar Himachal Pradesh.

Navratras celebrations
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Top attractions: Navratras adds a sparkling essence to the list of upcoming fairs and festivals Himachal Pradesh. Some of the very interesting features of this sacred fest are the fairs, cultural events organized in some parts of the state along with the pristine Lord Durga worship. Tourists from different corners of the world can visit Himachal Pradesh and admire the beautiful decoration of Goddess Durga along with other Lord Ganesh, Laxmi, Saraswati and Kartike ji.

How it is celebrate: The famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh Navratras also known as Durga Ashtami is enjoyed for nine days by the people of Himachal. Most of the females keep fast for entire nine days and only consume fruits, milk or potatoes. Mostly on the last day of cultural festivals Himachal Pradesh females who keep fast use to feed nine girls child and one boy. Girls are considered as Goddess on ninth day and worshipped by devotees.

What people do: Navratras is a blooming part of Himachal Pradesh festival list which is thoroughly enjoyed in an illustrious way. Females used to decorate their houses by designing rangolis with colors and papers in an artistic way. This hearty submission to the flavor of fest all nine days is enhanced when the females garb themselves up in elegant attires. People also prepare mouthwatering cuisine as part of the festivals of Himachal Pradesh in March or April.

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