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By: Parkhi Aggarwal

15, Mar 2017 @ 11:53 PM
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Start Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2018                     End Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2018
Venue: All Over India
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Holi Celebration Date in India
Holi Date:1-March-2018 to 2-March-2018
Venue:All Over India
Attractions:Colors, Bhang, Gunjhia
Protections and Safety Measures for Holi:1. It’s advisable to protect the skin and hairs by oiling it properly
2.Avoid the use of chemical colors instead use natural or home-made colors.

India is a gorgeous country that embraces numerous shades of culture, religion, language and tradition under one umbrella that reflects various colors of the nation. Colors bring in not only lots of happiness but also new hopes and desires in life. In this regard, the main colorful upcoming fairs and festivals India celebrates is the Holi. This festival is rejoiced every year during spring season at the arrival of Phalgun Purnima. It is basically a two-day fest that begins with the Holika Bonfire at night before the main day. 

about Holi festival in India, Safety tips for Holi
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Holi among other Indian festivals is the most cheerful one which is celebrated in almost every state of India. People from different castes and creeds participate in this fest but is most common among Hindus. Popular festivals of India are known for their distinguished style and way they are celebrated by locals and people around the world. The most notable feature of this festival of colors is the gathering of people together from varied backgrounds forgetting all hatred and dislikes.

Holi festival aura marks the advent of spring with the end of winters which falls generally in the month of March every year. People of different states usually celebrate this fest in their own way where main idea is to enjoy the day thoroughly. 

How it is celebrated :  Though every state has unique way of reveling the cultural festivals India Holi but the most common thing among all of them is ‘playing with colors’. There are variety of colors available in the market nowadays which include powders, water colors, Gulaal and even eco-friendly colors too. Holi is the only festival day in India on which people throw colors on one another without the permission of the other. According to the festival calendar India 2018 the festivals of India in March Holi is going to be held on 1st March.  

What people do : Plethora of famous festivals of India are the source of celebration which spread the air of bliss and contentment all around. Holi is the major part of Indian festival list which usually starts with the Holika Bonfire a night before the main event. The next day people start playing with the colors until afternoon. Children used to throw balloons filled with colorful water at other people as a part of Holi fun and fiesta. 

In addition to this, many societies organize various games, competitions for adults and children separately. After thrilling and chilling out in Holi environment people eat and drink varied mouthwatering dishes. At evening people in a society visit each other’s house and put Gulaal on each other’s faces as a sign of  'shagun'. These are the main activities performed as part of the Holi cultural festivals India.

Every corner of India is drenched in the rain of Holi celebration which is truly engaging throughout. Apart from this, the merriment in the city of Mathura is not only famous throughout the country but is also relished in a purely different way. People from different corners of the world visit India to witness the ambience and thrilling aura at Mathura on Holi.  

Safety Measures for Holi : Cultural Festivals India Holi is one of the most cheerful festival in India so in order to take complete pleasure one must follow certain safety measures.

1) Avoid the use of chemical colors instead use natural or home-made colors.

2) It’s advisable to protect the skin and hairs by oiling it properly.

3) It’s always safer to play within a local society or with known people.

4) Pink and red colors are more skin-friendly than other colors as they are more harmful.

5) By applying thick coating on nails of fingers and feet you can protect them.

6) Do not over indulge in thrilling activities and try to keep out of weird things.

7) Most often people wear old clothes or those clothes which are not going to be used frequently.

8) If you are travelling on Holi then always keep all the windows closed of your vehicle.

9) Even the doors and windows of house must be kept closed on Holi.

10) Sun-glass is the most preferred option in order to keep the eyes safe from the harmful effects of any color.

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