Top honeymoon places in North India after Celebrations of Wedding Traditions and Rituals

Usha Biswal Rout

11, Jul 2017 @ 12:53 AM
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India is a multifarious country. Each part of the country having a different wedding ritual and customs (tradition), An Indian wedding is not just about two people pledging their lives to each other but it's also a marriage of two whole families. Many different ceremony that are part of an Indian wedding ceremony.

North India Wedding Traditions and Rituals
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A part of the plurality another striking feature of Indian wedding is their devotion to custome and tradition, as is the case with other part of India, North Indian wedding also follow a lot of rituals and customs. A north Indian wedding has a charm of its own, this wedding is mostly famous for the glitzy and glamour.

Today we will tell you what are the ritual that are conducted during a north Indian wedding

Sagai:- This is the first step of a new life for both. Most of the people keep this ceremony few months before the actual date of wedding. This culture signifies that, they both are accepted by each other.

Mehandi:-  A very loving moment and a very much important part of North Indian wedding is Mahndi. This  is the day when Mahndi applies on the palm and the feet of the Bride. It says  "Darker the Mahndi luckier the Bride".

Haldi:- After Mahndi ritual haldi function be for the next day. It is known by different name as Ubtan, Mandha, Tel Ban. In this people makes a ghol of Haldi Tel and chandan whtever more then which keeps skin gud, then this paste applies on Bride and groom’s face, neck, hand and feet by their close ones.  Most people trust that the reason for applying Haldi is for to keep far away from Evil spirits, With this for the extra glow it is gud for skin too.

Marriage Ceremony:- After all the momnts the day finely comes when a father does Kanyadan of his Daughter. The groom holds the hand of a bride with all the promises, it means he is taking all the responsibility towards the Bride. And after this Saat Feras which is the seven round around the fire, they both do enter in new life, Everyone give blessings them to live Happy married life.

Bidai:- When all the ritual  are done, the Bride goes along with the groom to her new house.

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