Top honeymoon places in Junagarh Gujarat, Western India

Usha Biswal Rout

28, Feb 2015 @ 11:59 PM
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Presence of many dazzling tourists places in Gujarat adds shine to its overall charm and appearance. This state is loaded with number of exceptionally beautiful destinations that are not only popular for their scenic beauty but also for its culture heritage. Junagadh is one such spot in Gujarat which is widely famous throughout India. Honeymoon destinations of Junagadh are dotted with several magnificent places to see. There are more than enough marvelous top attractions for couples in Junagadh which are truly praiseworthy by the beholder.  If honeymoon couples want to spice up their travel than visit to this place is must.

Top Attractions for Couples in Junagadh Gujarat
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Excellent range of romantic places of Junagadh encompasses many attention-grabbing spots which include the peak of Girnar from where tourists can admire the most gorgeous sunset and sunrise view. Other than this, some of the best places for couples in Junagadh are Dataar Hills, Damodar Kund, Moti Baug, Narsinh Mehta Lake, Ashoka’s Edicts, Jami Masjid, Uparkot, Mujkund Caves and other nearby places include Somnath Temple, Veraval Beach and Sasan Gir National Park.

In addition to travel spots of Junagadh, there are lots of other best things to do for couples in Junagadh. Some of the major things in which couple can spend their quality time are shopping for artifacts in wood and marble, trekking, fishing, enjoying enticing food etc. Married couples can also grab the opportunity of attending famous local event 'Bhavnath Fair'.

Junagadh also showcases brilliant range of Asiatic lions which is the major highlight of this place.       
Best time to visit Junagadh and rejoice in the most amazing weather is precisely between the months of October and March. For couples who are interested in honeymoon trip to this place can find many awesome honeymoon packages in Junagadh.

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