Top honeymoon places in Assam, East India

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23, Mar 2015 @ 12:17 AM
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About : Honeymoon place Assam

About The honeymoon spot Assam :  Travelling across the boundaries of India you may find many unexplored regions which are gem of honeymoon places in India. Though there are many worthy honeymoon destinations but as you travel towards northeast a surprise package Assam awaits your visit. Before going for honeymoon people usually make their decisions on the basis of things they will enjoy during their trip. The range of honeymoon places in Assam has a brilliant amount of things to offer tourists who are looking for an idealistic tour.

Best Places for Couples in Assam for Honeymoon
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Entry to this state in India is a gateway to tremendous breathtaking sights of landscape accompanied with glorious nature. Categorized under the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India Assam is bedecked with green paddy fields and lush forests. The state boasts top 10 honeymoon destinations in Assam that is capable of outshining other tourist locations.

Honeymoon destinations of Assam showcase the excellent combination of exotic vista surrounded by blue water bodies and lush greenery. The ambience around gives a perfect opportunity to enthusiastic photographers too who can take away some golden memories in their camera of places for honeymoon in Assam. Adorning the array of places for honeymoon in India Assam grabs attention of many tourists through its majestic charm.

The travel spots of Assam impart gorgeous look of the overall state which is stuck between the Himalayan foothills on one side and Meghalaya on other. Amongst the countless range of best honeymoon places in India the plethora of best honeymoon places in Assam stands as an inspiring treat for tourists.

Why this state is famous as honeymoon destination : Shaped more or less like a bird with wings the state Assam bestows a heavenly pleasure to each and every individual tourist. Enriched with best destinations in India Assam has loads of striking features that makes this state distinct from others in many ways. Some of the best destinations in Assam are just near to perfection when it comes to gratifying tourists who travel from long distances for their honeymoon.
As a best tourist place in India for honeymoon Assam has in store number of attractive elements for which this state is known for. From special cuisine to traditional culture and from lively festivals to very encouraging form of art everything aids in enhancing the value of best tourist place in Assam for honeymoon.

As a part of honeymoon places India Assam offers a good range of delectable items that are not only enjoyed by locals but also cherished by tourist. The special culinary zone comprise of traditional Assamese food which include rice, dal, masor jul, ‘mangso’, bhaji, ‘khar’, looci and asar and more with ‘Pitha’ for the sweet.

Under the umbrella of honeymoon places Assam a beautiful culture survives that flaunts conventional dance, drama and music. The culture of best place for honeymoon in India Assam comprises lokogeeti, Assamese pop songs, Ankia Naat the popular Vaishnav dance drama, Bihu dance, Borgeet and more.
Apart from this, the major festivals celebrated at the best place for honeymoon in Assam include Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid, Bwisagu, Bushu Dima, Porag, Bathow, Garja and more which is relished with great zeal.   

What are activities to do and see in this destination :  With tremendous amount of flora and fauna to admire and mid-boggling activities to do Assam is the best honeymoon place in India to visit. The natural pleasure embellished with eye-striking romantic places of Assam like national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, waterfalls and more serves as an additional fruitful feature. All these attention fetching attributes are part of best honeymoon place in Assam.

When it comes to tourism in Assam especially for honeymoon couples this state encompasses various dazzling options. Being the owner of some of the best honeymoon destinations in India Assam is visited by sound crowd every year. Some of the astounding top attractions for couples in Assam include Assam State Zoo, Madan Kamdev, Kamakhya Temple, Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Rang Ghar, Chandubi Lake, Peacock Island, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttran Museum, Kareng Ghar, Agnighar Hill, Rock-cut temple, Kaziranga Natinal Park, Nameri National Park, Manas park, Majuli riverine island, Basistha, Navagrah Temple, Kaziranga Game Sanctuary and much more. These are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Assam where couples can enjoy adorable sights.

Honeymoon place in India offers splendid amount of impressive alternatives when it comes to weather travelling, sightseeing or just merry-making around with your beloved partner. Some of the best places for couples in Assam include Guwahati, Kaziranga, Jatinga, Sonitpur and many other popular towns. Each honeymoon place in Assam is simply the gateway to extreme pleasure with your partner.

In addition to exploring untouched stopovers, there are various other things to do at honeymoon destinations in India. Some of the best things to do for couples in Assam include angling, white water rafting, golfing, Para-sailing, rock climbing, hang-gliding and more. Couples at honeymoon destinations in Assam can also take pleasure of exquisite shopping for pat, Muga, bamboo, silk, cane and other traditional products and decorative items.

Travel tips for couples and Best time to visit that place : After assembling required information about the best place in India for honeymoon to be travelled, couples can search for numerous customized honeymoon packages in Assam. Honeymoon seekers can look for best place in Assam for honeymoon on various travel sites.

Packing is important part of tour which should be done as early as possible in order to avoid any hassle during the journey to best places for honeymoon in India. During the journey to any of the best places for honeymoon in Assam couples must take care of necessary items to be carried along depending on the relevant climatic conditions. The best time to visit Assam is most preferably between November to May.

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